Our mission here at The Good Coffee Project is to source quality coffee from around the world and make it easily available for coffee lovers everywhere, in a sustainable way - creating a positive impact within the coffee industry as we grow...

With that mouthful being said - coffee - in it's natural state - as a bean, is so close to our hearts, we decided to make our beans and roast profiles available to fellow coffee drinkers who want to enjoy a ’karma free’ cup of coffee at home or on-the-go.

The farmers who supply our beans take great care to ensure the fruit they pick is ripe and healthy, grown in organic conditions and free from pesticides. We are happy to pay more to make sure our money helps the farmers, their families and the growing coffee economy.

As our customer, you will be playing a major role in helping families within the coffee growing communities we source our beans from, which we hope will make you feel even better inside when drinking your specialty coffee from us.

Each variety of coffee bean that we source has gone through a mindful selection process, where we consider the ’third wave’ coffee movement throughout.

What is third wave coffee?  

The third wave is important to us where we aim to consider key relationships all the way through the supply chain, from ’bean to cup’, so we can make sure that the coffee we source is doing good for the world in more ways than one.