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The GOOD COFFEE PROJECT is a product of sincere passion, firsthand experience and the desire to make a difference

In the summer of 2020, two years after her very insightful offering on a city farm, healthy food enthusiast and business professional Chantel Daniel decided to do more by influencing how the world perceives coffee. Her short time on the farm opened her eyes to the fact that every bean is made with love, by people for people.

A health-conscious professional, and a woman who takes great pride in premium coffee, Chantel finds fulfilment from the assurance that everything she makes is obtained sustainably and responsibly. She remains passionate about encouraging the world to buy good, ethical, and sustainable coffee.

The good coffee project is an expression of this passion.

chantel daniel founder of the good coffee project

We appreciate good quality coffee, with a deepened respect for its origins.
Chantel Daniel - Founder

The Good Coffee Project is founded on three pillars: ethical and sustainable coffee production, wider representation within the industry, and embracing the culture of coffee. We focus on the grassroots movement of consumers who want specialty coffee that comes with a clear conscience.

The company's goal is for customers to be able to enjoy the experience of a truly excellent cup of coffee that comes with good karma and a strong sense of social responsibility. We work ethically, sourcing beans dutifully and sustainably to reach that goal, daily. Each variety of coffee beans we sell has gone through a mindful selection process, factoring all the key trading relationships along the value chain from bean to cup. In alignment with our ethos: 'we don't just do good coffee, we do good with coffee'.


If you're interested in finding out more about bringing Good Coffee to your office, hotel or restaurant please contact us on the form using the link below

Coffee packaged in bean bag