Coffee from a good place.

We want the world to drink good coffee.

For us, that means supporting and supplying specialty coffee that comes with a clear conscience. It's about having good coffee karma. It's knowing that your beans have come from a good place, both geographically and ethically.

It means actively improving the coffee industry one bean at a time, working ethically to source in a responsible and sustainable manner, and paying fairly for our beans to help sustain and grow the farming communities at our core.

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Going further than fair trade

Working with farming communities

The farmers who grow the beans we buy are key to our success, and we want to be instrumental to theirs. We believe in the value of paying more for the beans we need in order to help sustain the communities that grow them, and when you choose to buy your favourite coffee from The Good Coffee Project, you’re playing a vital role in this.

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Ethically and sustainably sourced

We firmly believe in doing business the right way, so all our coffee is sustainably farmed and we conduct business in a way that’s designed to have a positive impact on both the wider coffee industry and the individual farmers with whom we work.

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Third wave coffee

Third wave coffee is the name given to the grassroots movement of consumers who want specialty coffee that comes with a clear conscience. Because we work ethically and source our beans in a responsible and sustainable manner, you can enjoy the experience of a truly excellent cup of coffee that comes with good karma right in the blend.

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Enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs, locally and globally

Born in London, The Good Coffee Project delivers throughout the UK and is also shipping internationally, so that customers can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee wherever they are in the world.

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Good Coffee Karma

  • Quality Coffee

    We only pick the ripest, healthiest fruit, grown organically and without the use of pesticides.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    Perfect harvests and roast profiles provide specialty coffee that comes with a clear conscience.

  • Working with Farmers

    Our coffee has a positive impact on both the industry and individual farmers who we work with.

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If you're interested in finding out more about bringing Good Coffee to your office, hotel or restaurant please email or call +44 (0) 7366 982907