Father's Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers

On this Father’s Day, we at The Good Coffee Project would love to wish all the wonderful fathers out there a special day… 

When we think about our fathers, having them play a role in our lives will have a significant impact on us.

Not everyone has a father to celebrate with on Father’s Day, which means this day can be somewhat painful for those people.

Personally, I have experienced fatherless-ness first hand as a result of my father leaving my mother with five children, when I was very young. 

The role of a father is not as clear as that of the mother but it is still an important one. From what we may understand it’s about providing a supporting role as a parent, being a second source/provider of income, teaching morals in sexuality and relationships… This amongst other things, of course.

 The impact that growing up without a father figure has had on me is that I have felt abandoned for many years, which has impacted negatively on many of my relationships. My faith in God has been key for me, in that there is spiritual comfort that comes with acknowledging a Heavenly Father who has all of us in the palm of his hands. 

To put things into perspective, the numbers of households without a strong male/father figure is generally at a pandemic level around the world, especially in households with Black children.

There are socio-economic statistics show that a fatherless child is generally four times more likely to experience a lifetime of poverty than the child who has a father, and/or father figure present.

Just this alone would mean that a father who makes sure that he is present in the life of his child dramatically improves their chances of success.

For those who do have your fathers in your lives and want to shower them with a great gift, why not buy some of our coffee to show appreciation on this special day. Dads love a good coffee just as much as anyone else… :) 

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Wishing a wonderful Father’s Day to you all!

Written by Chantel Daniel