Black History Month and Blockchain Coffee Company

Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Creating ethical solutions is no easy task but we are committed to bringing you these updates through these monthly blog posts. It has been a great way to draw insight to what we are working on and getting our audience more involved - and really would like to thank you all for reading! 🤓 

As we step into a new month drawing closer to year end, it’s a great time to reflect on what a progressive month October has been for The Good Coffee Project!

Black History Month here in the UK presented a great number of opportunities to build on the beta version of our blockchain coffee company. Throughout the month, connecting with like-minded individuals who want to see truly a ethical coffee offering like what we are working on has produced a number of blessings. We have also connected with a number of female entrepreneurs and collectives who have been truly inspiring and an integral part of the growth of TGCP ™️.

Although blockchain is still a relative novel concept to many, it’s a subject that is increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. Mostly in that although problems exist, the technological  solutions are not only possible but hugely scalable. By connecting with the right people, talent, resources, funding and having a community in support, real solutions become probable as well as possible. 

Around the world, there are a number of social, political and environmental concerns that affect us on a daily basis, such as the continued crisis in Tigray, Ethiopia where some of the world’s most amazing coffees are grown. The initiative ‘Coffee Not War’ is something that has been growing in size and momentum and we are a proud supporter of this and hope to do to support this initiative as we grow. 

For those of you who have noted that the new name for Facebook is now Meta ®, due to officially change as of 1st December, you may realise that this highlights a major move into the metaverse, meaning blockchain will inevitably become part of more people’s lives on a daily basis. Being an early adopter within the metaverse, it is a great time to also build on our digital offering and wish to take our customers and supporters on this journey with us!

Now with the increased number of visitors to this site, a number of you will have noticed that coffee is no longer for sale on this site. It’s been a decision that is not taken lightly but putting the company in a position to really put the farmers first in finding a truly ethical end-to-end solution that is transparent, traceable and recorded on the blockchain permanently.

There will be over the coming month a greater effort to build our online community and also an option to support our efforts to do so!

There is a cost to everything we do however and if you wish to show your support, we would like to give you that option to become early stakeholders in our ethical solution by funding us the price you would pay for a bag of our coffee, less the shipping fees, or another amount based on what’s feasible for you. Keep an eye out for this update to the website, and we will also notify you via our Instagram page:  @__thegoodcoffeeproject.

As a company just over a year old, we can be extremely proud of how far we have come to keep pushing forward despite how we have been treated by our peers in the industry and the horrors of the industry generally that make it difficult for many to succeed. It just goes to show what determination and commitment to a cause that you strongly believe in can do, and this is only the start.

By this time next year, we hope to have a fully integrated technology that will help us develop our relationships directly with farmers and small holder cooperatives in indigenous coffee growing communities around the world who will benefit from our support. If you do want to be a part of this growing solution, stay informed of our updates.

Let the countdown begin!

Written by Chantel Daniel