With the first day of November comes the sweeping in of the holiday season.

Although it's been a tough year for so many, ‘Pumpkin Spice’ is still in the mix 🎃, and mochas topped with marshmallows, candy cane and all things cosy are on the horizon. 

But you know what is also on it’s way? ‘Good Coffee’ from your faves, at The Good Coffee Project! ☕🤎 

Coffee has such an amazing way of bringing people together, so we want to celebrate that here today and everyday… You may know that The Good Coffee Project team is growing and gearing up for the end of the year, bringing you exciting content, specialty coffee, fabulous totes and a coffee starter kit for those coffee lovers looking to embrace their inner human *bean*. Details will soon be released through our social media pages  , so make sure you follow us (@__thegoodcoffeeproject)  for all the latest updates and offers.  

Now, as we are all about transparency, here is a brief snippet to update you on what has been going on behind the scenes: 

🌟 Celebrating Black History Month and Inspiring Connections 🌟

As we bid farewell to October, a month we in the UK dedicate to celebrating Black History, at The Good Coffee project we found ourselves filled with gratitude for the incredible connections and multitude of fulfilling experiences. Hear straight from our Founder this past month’s  reflections:

“🚀 Voices In The Shadow Festival: Empowering Black Women in Tech

At this annual event, our I had the privilege of meeting visionaries like:

Flavilla Fongang, the driving force behind this empowering gathering of Black women in the tech space.

Deborah Womack, a true leader and (Former) Consulting Partner at EY.

Dr Rashada Harry FRSA, whose insights as Account Director Enterprise Sales at Amazon Web Services (AWS) were truly invaluable. I must also mention the chance meeting with the sincerely charismatic Mimi Ajayifor Accenture!

👥 Connecting with Community Leaders

It was a pleasure meeting with sisters Donna Otchere and Dr Abigail Otchere, co-founders of @SiSTEM, Ahyeesha D., Maria Ayaka Ikombofor Deloitte, Catherine Park, and Seven Jacobs for Colorintech. Your contributions to the industry are not only consistent but truly inspiring.

I had to get the book, 'Get Your Money Right' by Emmanuel Asuquo - TV Financial Adviser, supported by his awesome wife Mariam Asuquo

🎤 Pitching for Success

Sitting in on the pitches was a highlight, and I was fortunate to connect with some of the talented individuals who presented and shared with me their innovative ideas - Tammarrian R., Evelyn Pearson, Ann-Marie Kinlock, Patricia Taylor cc: Michael Kassim Andy S. 

The brilliant panelists: Izzy Obeng for Foundervine, Raphael Sofolukeof UK Black Business Week and Leke Sholuade, Founder of Black Valley - Should have got a pic, but hope you enjoy the coffee! 

🌐 Global Insights at Ai Fringe

Engaging with thought leaders like Ashleigh Ainsley FRSA of Colorintech, Linda Bonyo - Founder of Lawyers Hub Africa, MP Harriet Harman, and Adrian Joseph OBE made for a memorable and enriching experience.

👥 Making an Impact

A special mention goes to Dean Forbes, a true force for change who consistently makes a significant impact as one of the most influential Black men in Britain, recognised again this year by the J.P. MorganPowerlist Magazine. Having Dean and the Forbes Family Group as a corporate client has been an honour and a fantastic highlight for my year. I'm confident he'll continue to inspire and lead and look forward to seeing him do even more!

Another special mention goes out to Steven Bartlett, again - one of Britain’s most influential Black men, who we have seen at multiple events this year. He has been everywhere! The last place we caught up with him was at the UK Black Business Show where he gave the closing keynote speech. He has been doing so many progressive things in this space, we want to acknowledge his progression also as he delves deeper into industry.

💪SuperteamUK: The Future of Web3 in the UK

I cannot forget about SuperteamUK’s Buildstation, held at Huckletree, Oxford Circus. Filled with panels, workshops and keynotes on everything Web3, this space was not short on inspiration, community and support. It was a pleasure talking to fellow entrepreneurs, women in Web 3 – shout out to Mila from NFT UK and Veets from Big Brain Holding, and of course the wizard who brought us all together,  the UK lead for Solana, Cap. I also met the latest addition to The Good Coffee Project family (more on this soon!). 

🌍 A Call for Peace

In the midst of ongoing conflicts around the world, I join the global community in praying for peace, understanding, and compassion from our world leaders. May the voices of reason prevail, and may we move towards a world of harmony and unity”

🌟 Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from our now growing team ☕️🫶🏽🌱

Written by Chantel Daniel