First blog of our freshly roasted coffee beans online store

After great preparation, The Good Coffee Project enjoyed its much-anticipated launch on the first of October. The website is up and running (, and operation is underway. Though it’s just the beginning, we’ve already had a colourful journey – not unlike the coffee plant itself.

Coffee is thought to have originated in the heart of Africa, in equatorial forests of lands now part of Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya. In the centuries since its discovery, the revered beverage has experienced prominent roles in many cultures. Plantations sprang up all over the globe, with each region’s climate and elevation lending unique qualities to the fruit and bean. Combined with different roasting processes, this variation is to be embraced, as any connoisseur will tell you. But there’s more to the process than terroir.

For those new to the story behind The Good Coffee Project, the development of our brand was inspired by a passion: a desire to do good all around – not just to seek, cultivate and provide a quality product, but to build relationships and treat people well. 

While this might not sound like such a radical notion, the coffee industry historically has been rife with abuse of power, capitalist cruelty, and unjust oppression – all of which contribute to and perpetuate the struggle of labourers in poor countries. As time has gone on, many exploitative operations have been replaced, but they have not been eliminated. Even today, many far-removed consumers in the United Kingdom and elsewhere often overlook the heartbreaking truth of the production processes often utilised by popular retailers. It may be notable that our launch aligned with Black History Month, but it’s also important to recognize that the hardships of minorities aren’t limited to history.

The only way to help end this cycle, our founder believes, is to communicate with every link in the supply chain, from the source – the farmers – onward. We aim to ensure that humans are properly compensated, cutting no corners. And we hope to strike a chord with British consumers, as well – which is why we held our first face-to-face event this weekend.

A partnership with La Marzocco, an Italian espresso machine producer, and NARS, a beloved cosmetics supplier, made for a unique pop-up in Spitalfields. The lovely staff at NARS welcomed us into their store, where we set up a table with our coffee, a beautiful La Marzocco espresso machine, and one top-notch barista extraordinaire. Shoppers were encouraged to sample a beverage, free of charge, and a giveaway was supplied to those who purchased a particular amount of NARS products in store.

We were thrilled with the feedback received on Saturday and Sunday. People who sampled the coffee – we brewed first our Ethiopian and then Rwandan – had glowing reviews about the nuanced notes and delectable flavours. It was a joy to connect a personal element to our sales – which, for now, are exclusively online.

A very warm thanks go out to everyone who’s supported The Good Coffee Project along the way. We’re going to do great things… And you make it possible.  


Written by Chantel Daniel