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Hey #GoodCoffeelovers! ☕️🌱👋🏽

Today’s blog is all about inviting in the freshness of the new month of September after the summer holidays and getting back to work…

Since incorporating this company in July 2020 and launching the e-commerce site in October, The Good Coffee Project ™️ has seen tremendous organic growth!

You may have noted, even more since our blog post in June that the world has gone crazy for cryptocurrency.

El Salvador 🇸🇻 a nation well known for coffee has just one more week to go until they acknowledge Bitcoin as a legal tender that can be used everywhere! Mind-blowing and a major example of the power of technology in solving some of the world’s toughest problems.

Having seen the potential use case for cryptocurrency some months ago, TGCP ™️ have decided to adopt some policies that we know will benefit the communities we are aiming to benefit.

We do have a few announcements that we would like to share! 😃 

Firstly, we have to announce that we took part in a hackathon to build a team around a collectible series for children that we are sooooooooooooo looking forward to share over the coming months, so keep your eyes out for that!

Secondly, as the community cheerleader that I am 😝 I have been asked to jump on as Community Manager for an awe-inspiring NFT initiative called PandaBugz ™️ 🐼. The lead artist on PandaBugz ™️, who is known as @XenDesigns also founded PixelBugz ™️ contributed a digital piece to our virtual fundraiser back in June and we are beyond grateful to show support to initiatives that are bettering the community.

The PandaBugz ™️ team got together to revive an abandoned project that had left a multitude of Panda holders without a community lead and so PandaBugz ™️ was born to bring it all back to life. Kudos to the team and may we continue to see your growth as the Roadmap develops 👍🏽🤓✨

The last major announcement is that we have secured interest from an overseas investor who wants to support our initiative. We are still finalising details and talks are of a significant sum to get the right resources in place for our initiative to keep growing, so it is all hugely exciting. Do keep an eye out for updates as we will be notifying you of the details once all is confirmed.

We will be getting better at helping you all to make sense of our developments and how they will benefit our community. As we develop, we will be sharing more details but the work that has gone into securing interest at this level alone will surely continue under God’s grace. 🙏🏽 

Do look out for next month’s blog for further details and updates on our social accounts on Facebook and Instagram for more details!

Happy new month again, everyone!

Let’s make the last 3 months of 2021 count…

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Written by Chantel Daniel