Good coffee… Intentionally grown, ethically brewed, lovingly served

We want the world to drink good coffee.

For us, that means supporting and supplying specialty coffee that comes with a clear conscience. It's good coffee karma. It's knowing that your beans have come from a good place, both geographically and ethically.

It means actively improving the coffee industry one bean at a time, working ethically to source responsibly and sustainably, and paying fairly for our beans to help sustain and grow the farming communities at our core.

Premium coffee

Every step in the coffee's journey to your cup is critical and we don’t spare any detail in our pursuit of quality coffee.

Sustainably sourced

We know where our beans come from. We source our beans directly from farmers who are as devoted to ethics as we are.

Farmer focused

It takes committed farmers to grow great beans, our coffee has a positive impact on both the industry and individual farmers we work with.