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Eratoi, Fully Washed

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Eratoi is a cooperative made up of 15 farmers, led by David Soares. Together with the 14 other members: Abel de Oliveira Pinto, Abrao de Deus, Eduardo L. Pereira, Joao da Costa Soares, Domingos de Deus II, Miguel Lemos, Adolfo de Deus, Jose Mariano de Jesus, Agusto de Deus, Joao Felisberto de Deus, Manuel de Deus, Agostinho de Deus, Orlando de Deus, and Miguel da Graca, they work hard to ensure the best quality cherries are picked and then processed carefully.

After harvest the coffee is pulped by hand and fermented for 24-36 hours before being dried on African beds over a period of 10-14 days. African beds are still a fairly unique approach in East Timor, allowing better air circulation and more even drying of the bean than the more traditional method of being dried simply on patios or tarpaulin sheets.

Tastes like: Watermelon. Apricot. Honeysuckle.