The Good Coffee Project was established by healthy food enthusiast and business professional, Chantel Daniel, in the summer of 2020, deriving from her offering on a city farm two years prior. As an ethical business owner and a woman who takes great pride in serving quality coffee, Chantel decided to start The Good Coffee Project to encourage the general public to drink quality coffee that is sourced ethically and considerate of the entire supply chain.

chantel daniels
We appreciate good quality coffee, with a deepened respect for its origins. Chantel Daniel - Founder

The Good Coffee Project is based on three pillars: ethical and sustainable coffee products, wider representation within the industry and embracing the culture of coffee, with a focus on the grassroots movement of consumers who want specialty coffee that comes with a clear conscience.

The company's goal is for customers to be able to enjoy the experience of a truly excellent cup of coffee that comes with good karma and a strong sense of social responsibility. The company works ethically and sources beans in a dutiful and sustainable manner to reach that goal, daily. Each variety of coffee bean sold by us has gone through a mindful selection process, and the business aims to consider all the key trading relationships along the path from bean to cup – as per our ethos: 'we don't just do good coffee, we do good with coffee'.

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If you're interested in finding out more about bringing Good Coffee to your office, hotel or restaurant please email info@thegoodcoffeeproject.co.uk or call +44 (0) 7366 982907